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About The Buzz

Despite whether or not you are willing to admit it, we are all guilty of picking up those Health&Fitness magazines in the check-out lane at the grocery store to get the scoop on how we can “trim our waist in a week” or get “tighter leaner legs” or even “lose the holiday pounds!” Whether or not we agree with what they say or represent, it’s our human nature to be drawn to finding new ways to make our selves more attractive, confident and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I am one those people who HOARDS these magazines. I LOVE finding new nutrition tips or work out regimens and I love learning about the natural nutrients that come from everyday food items. Call it an addiction but it’s one I am not ashamed of…and it’s one I am going to share with you! “The Health Buzz” will compile my favorite health tips and fallacies. I will look at the products the diet industry is pushing us to sell, and HOPEFULLY sway you away from anything but natural products and supplements. Flip through my categorized pages at the top, check out my posts in “Health&Fitness” and visit the links on the right for direct access to some of my favorite health magazines! Also, if you read a health-realted word/term that you don’t understand, check out the “Vocabulary” page in the menu bar! If the word you are looking for isn’t there, or you think there is something I should add, let me know and I will! Also, please note that I will generally add vocabulary terms as they are covered in my posts! That’s The Buzz of The Health Buzz!

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